HerdwicKnit – nature’s way

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HerdwicKnit provides wool and yarn from a single, unique flock of contented and highly professional Herdwick sheep.

All the sheep that produce the wool have been born at home. All are individually known, cared for and enjoy a good life at home from birth to joining the retirement flock.

Provenance is guaranteed: the sheep wool and yarn for sale is only from these Middlesmoor Herdwicks. We do not blend their wool with wool from other Herdwick flocks,  nor from other sheep breeds.

If you like our wool, come and visit the flock! For details visit www.aelredsgrange.org

I hope the beauty and contentment of the Middlesmoor Herdwicks  will continue to thrive in all of the many different products each of you will make.

Nature's way


Nature's way


Nature's way