Wool from the Middlesmoor Herdwicks


Whilst we continue to show and breed the sheep, we find the main reason for keeping the Middlesmoor Herdwicks is to bring joy and relieve stress. The flock is no longer as great in number but it is the individuals that matter. Each is known and family lines going back three and four generations can be seen in the fields. This year, we have lambs from a first time mum whose great great grand mother is living chirpily in retirement.

A shepherd knows their flock and their flock knows their shepherd. When some of the sheep are 15plus, we’ve known each other a long time. Trust works both ways.

The degree of sheer professionalism of a Herdwick ewe is astounding and her ability to thrive and successfully rear lambs under almost any condition is never lost whatever her age. Nor is her sense of humour.

I wanted to use the wool from fleeces of my own sheep – no-one else’s and not mixed with wool from any other sheep breed. And I wanted to do something with it usefully so that other people could also enjoy the flock.

The wool from my sheep is offered to you in several forms – as ultra soft Herdwick tops, for felting, spinning, and using with peg looms. There is also a woollen spun yarn, 100% Middlesmoor Herdwick, and in addition a worsted spun yarn made possible by blending 30% Suri Alpaca with my Middlesmoor Herdwick.

Prices are listed in the Yarn for sale section of this website. To buy please contact us.